Hey Zoey! Get Off Your Phone!
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The power and utility of smartphones is undeniable. For children, smartphones act as a virtual nanny, an all-in-one entertainment system, and a useful educational tool.

Children's use of smartphones, however, has grown exponentially in the last decade and this poses some troublesome issues. There is a strong correlation between the rise in smartphone usage and children exhibiting less empathy than previous generations while also suffering from higher rates of anxiety and depression.

We want to encourage digitally-native children to play with one another without any phones being present, so they can fully enjoy each other's company and build the life skills necessary to become communicative, caring adults.

Dan Fox (writer) and Virginia Zamora (illustrator) met in March, 2017, through their mutual friend Joe Hollier, mindfulness hero and founder of the Light Phone. Dan had told Joe he was playing around with the idea of a children’s book about phone addiction so Joe put Dan in touch with Virginia. They immediately hit it off, and after many months of conversation, rewriting and re-drawing, they created Hey Zoey! Get Off Your Phone!

After a successful Kickstarter campaign which raised nearly $9,000 and subsequently led to lots of people asking, "Where can I buy three copies?" Dan and Virginia decided not to wait for a publisher and are now printing 500 more copies for a limited second run.


If you have any questions, anything from larger orders or want us to come to your school, please contact Dan or Virginia through this website. We'd be more than happy to discuss this with you!